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A redesigned low-cost foldable wooden stool
Sept 2019
This project delves into the experimental and statistical analysis of material selection factors such as availability, cost efficiency, and durability, tensile strength, and sagginess of materials that could be potentially used to build the seating area of a foldable wooden stool.
Authors| R. Panford , O. Akuffo , E. Klutse, T. Charles-Debrah
Cement-Plastic Based Composites as the building blocks of future Ghanaian Mega-Structures
Sept 2019
This paper describes how the need for better plastic waste management can be harmonized with the quest to find greener methods of construction.
Authors| M. Kadonzvo, M Mohammed
A statistical analysis of sisal, nylon and rubber for a drying line
Sept 2019
This project investigates the application of different materials used as drying lines. It statistically analyzes three types of ropes: rubber, nylon, and sisal, to identify which of them would be the best for a dry line.
Authors| E. Nimo, K. Anweara
Employing Multi-Source Transfer Learning and Web Scraping to Enhance Model Accuracy Where Dataset is Limited
Sept 2019
The availability of massive datasets and computation resources has made it possible to create deeper neural networks that are able to learn more meaningful representations of the data.
Authors| M. Yussif, G. Dovonon

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