Internet of Things: The Budding Area of Mobile IoT Technologies (LTE-M and NB-IoT)
This paper explores the growing field of mobile IoT technologies and looks at the requirements and characteristics of these technologies. With a deeper focus on Long Term Evolution for Machines (LTE-M) and Narrow Band-Internet of Things (NB-IoT), we look at how different industry operators and governments have provided service for these technologies.
Authors| D. Asante-Asare, E. Mensah, G. Addo-Tetteh
Avoiding Bridge Failure: The Effect of Material and Bridge Structure type on Ultimate Bridge Strength
Bridge failure can be catastrophic, hence the need to continuously improve bridge designs. But what material type or bridge structure type can be used to make the strongest bridge? The purpose of this research paper is to investigate how material type (wood, concrete, steel, etc.) and bridge structure type (beam, arch, and truss), in combination, affect bridge strength.
Authors| D. A. Amoshie, M. D. Nyazenga
Portable Design of a Maize Drying Machine
Most Ghanaian maize farmers incur losses in their business. This is due to the burden that comes with post-harvest grain management. The inability of the farmers to dry these grains effectively leads to its spoilage. Maize harvested in the first planting season of maize is susceptible to destruction by weevils and other insects due to the high moisture content.
Authors| D. Afriyie, J. Akorli, K. Boadi, S. Amediku, N. Berko
Inter-Turn Short Circuit Fault Detection and Prediction in Induction Motors
Induction motors are expensive and the backbone of every industry. There would be no production when induction motors break down. It is also costly to repair them after a sudden shutdown. Industries are gradually adapting to predictive maintenance to prevent unnecessary shutdowns and reduce the cost of maintenance.
Authors| Daniel Afriyie
Design of Internet of Things (IoT) Based Wearable Electrocardiogram
An electrocardiogram is a recording of the electrical activity of the heart. It is a crucial technology for the early detection and diagnosis of heart-related issues such as heart arrhythmia and other abnormalities in the heart. Most ECG machines, both the handheld single lead devices and standard 12 lead ECGs found in hospitals make use of adhesive gel electrodes which are uncomfortable for long periods among other issues.
Authors| Joel Semanu Akorli
Ram vs. Cycle Pump: Designing a Sustainable Water Pump for Use in the Berekuso Township
The world's poor rural population (900 million people) lacks access to safe drinking water and sanitation, resulting in enormous human health and economic costs, as well as gender and other societal disparities. Rural water and sanitation assistance is more difficult to provide due to the settlements' location, which is mostly in environmentally sensitive areas: dispersed settlements, an agrarian economy, and complicated infrastructure.
Authors| M. Ampofo Boateng, D. Asante-Asare, T. Mashongedza, G. Arthur, D. Date, A. Dery, K. Chibisom, E. Kumi